Improving Imaging-Reducing Costs and Errors – Providing Budgetary Solutions

Med One Capital and Signostics are pleased to announce they have joined forces to provide clinicians with the latest in portable ultrasound technology coupled with customized financial options aimed at eliminating budgetary restraints and paving the way for immediate adoption.

In early May 2016, Signostics launched its newest technology at the American Urological Association meeting. When the attendees indicated an immediate need for financing it brought the two companies together, allowing acute care and private practices to move forward rapidly with this unmatched portable ultrasound technology.

Robb Stevens, SVP of Leasing Sales at Med One Capital, said, “We look forward to working with the Signostics team to provide our 25-plus years of experience financing medical technologies for healthcare providers. We recognize the value of this new technology and believe that together we can provide a simple and easy solutions for any customer to acquire it.”

Signostics VP of Sales, Ryan Detzel said, “We recognized that many customers would see immediate value in USCAN but would need help in finding the budget. Med One Capital was our number one choice based on their knowledge of our customers’ needs and their reputation for being committed to helping healthcare providers access new technology, as well as their simple and easy to understand process.”

About: Signostics is pioneering smart ultrasound devices to enhance imaging and clinical decision making in urologic care as the global leader of ultrasound innovation. Clinicians had long been accustomed to using conventional handheld scanners to measure bladder volume. After the global commercialization of its first device in 2009, Signostics developed the SignosRT handheld ultrasound in 2013 and the SignosRT Bladder Scanner in 2014 – both offering groundbreaking accuracy, ease of use, and affordability. Now leveraging science from current day computer vision algorithms, Signostics’ technology has made a revolutionary advance with the introduction of Uscan – the world’s first smart mobile-connected ultrasound device targeted at urologic care. Signostics seeks to place the power of smart ultrasound diagnostics in the hands of more practitioners and facilities everywhere, to benefit an ever widening range of patients.

About: Med One Capital has aided both acute care providers and manufacturers in acquiring state of the art technology through creative lease and rental options. Hospitals, clinics and physicians worldwide have chosen Med One Capital to help them in acquiring top level equipment that frequently requires capital that may or may not be readily available. Med One works to understand customers’ needs and issues, and their 25-plus years of experience allows them to provide innovative and responsive customer options. Because of this, providers and manufacturers are able to improve their patient care while meeting their financial goals and objectives. For more information, visit their website at

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